Providing outstanding classical training for every student

Each child is treated as an individual and their development and enjoyment of classical ballet is at the forefront of The South London School of Ballet’s beliefs.

An inclusive method of teaching is offered at The South London School of Ballet allowing students to develop technical and expressive skills as well as knowledge and understanding of classical ballet through weekly classes, performance, examinations and enrichment trips to dance performances.

Creating a family atmosphere where students and parents form close bonds and lifelong friendships plays an important role at The South London School of Ballet. Happy students and parents provide an excellent environment for continued development and growth of each and every child.

Every child will have access to highly trained and qualified specialist ballet teachers to help develop the technique and skills needed for those seeking a career in dance, or those who desire enrichment to their academic schooling.

For fitness, fun, enjoyment or career prospects every student’s aspirations are welcomed at The South London School of Ballet